About Us

       Our club was AMA Chartered in 1977 with 25 members present.  We are located in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range at about 1200 feet elevation.  The nearest cities are Auburn and Grass Valley.  We average an annual membership of about 30 members.


        Our members fly a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft.rollins on water


      Weather permitting we generally sponsor a spring and a fall float fly.

Scott's Flat on water





Bob with Neuport





     We fly gas, nitro and electric powered aircraft.


Harry at RSS


      We try our hands at flying indoors in a small school gym one evening a week during the school year. The room gets so much smaller when the walls are painted!


 Dick instructing

       Our flight instructors will and can teach almost anyone to fly, even an exchange student from France.