Events Photos

 Fun Fly or should I say freeze fly. Jan Fun FlyIt was foggy and a bit chilly, good memories were made.Jan Fun Fly2

  Even Harry braved the chill!

 Work Party.Work party 1 We pulled up most of the old carpet that kept the pits mud free and layed new carpet down. We had a great turn out. Thank you!Work party 2





 Fun Fly, part of the lineup.March lineup


            Bob with a Foamie

Bob foamie

Bill with Heli






Bill with his heli-copter




   PythonBill's camara video from his Quad, click here



Python looking pretty

Typical Python Landing

Python landing





 Spring Float Fly

The weather was great, the company enjoyable, the food tasty (thank you Keith and Bill), but the waves were out of sync with the pilots.Float Crash

This was the order of the day.  I think the final score was Lakers 30/Pilots 7.



There was no lack of different kinds of aircraft and unique designs.Steve e float



Float ov 10


Spring Float Fly

We made some improvements during the Spring and Summer.  Some concrete was laid and gravel placed in the parking area.

concrete slab

concrete slab 2

  These are a few photos from our Summer activites.

eating at table

flightline hooks



 dick working

danny indoorbrett tailgate 



scott indoor


















The Fall Float Fly was held at Camp Far West Res. Most excellent day.


fall float flyfloat line up






 stevesfloatdanny flaot fly